Offering Impact – Christians Share Their Stories

Beth :
” As a Christian regularly attending church while my husband was in the throes of a
gambling addiction, I was unable to tithe as a result of my husband’s addiction. I gave what offering I could but always felt a sense of guilt each week while the offering was being received. As a result of the guilt, I compensated by overindulging myself in church ministries which ultimately became detrimental to my children since it negatively impacted the amount of time I was spending with them.”
Mike :
” While regularly attending church and having put my faith in Christ as my SaviorI was unable to tithe to my local church. I was addicted to sports gambling and casino games which resulted in my placing bets on various teams on Sundays. I would go to church on Sunday but my mind and thoughts were on the teams I bet on that morning. Not only was I unable to tithe but I did not give an offering of any kind to the Lord, for I feared that if lost my bets I would need that money to pay the bookie.”
Donna :
” Even though I had trusted Christ as my Savior and regularly attended church,
I was in bondage to compulsive gambling. During offering time I struggled even to give a minimum offering. Tithing was not even an option for me as every penny was needed to cover overdue bills and future gambling at the local casinos. Each Sunday shame and guilt ruled my life.”